This workshop is an invitation to explore questions around these subjects together:

How can we bring the vibrations of our voices into life so that we can be with each other in a way that allows us to live more fully and even to flourish?

How do we find support – through our muscles and bones – to let our voices to meet in the myriad of possibilities emerging in relation to each other?

The purpose of this workshop is to go from our awareness to our consciousness in relation with our breathing, our vibrations and our voices when being with the other.

I am Inma Vázquez Jiménez. I am a psychologist and a gestalt therapist from Seville, in Spain, where I live.

I study with Ruella Frank her approach on Gestalt Therapy – the Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy – so I can more easily tune in with the movement of the embodied experience that unfolds during the therapeutic sessions. She also offers an understanding of this embodied experience that I find completely necessary for being present and making sense of my work as a psychotherapist.

I studied the Kristin Linklater Voice Method – Freeing the natural voice – with several of her designated teachers in Spain. This method offers a way of understanding human voice that I find connected with Gestalt Therapy as it is rooted in the whole body and deeply affected by emotions and imagination.

Needing to understand the Kristin Linklater voice method within a Gestalt Therapy map is how I got to Ruella Frank and her Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy.

And then I discovered a new, for me, Gestalt Therapy, based on the PHG, the self theory, phenomenology, field theory……

As my understanding of Gestalt Therapy changes so does my practice of the Kristin Linklater method.

During this workshop the Kristin Linklater method will help us to explore our voices when being together. Gestalt Therapy theory, especially Ruella Frank’s approach, will be our map.

A second Open Class (free) will be arranged on 14th January from 18 to 20 hours CET.

If you are interested in attending, please, get in contact with me:

+34 687 88 90 24