“But, even without realising it,

from a certain edge

a voice sympathises, dampens

you brief, joyously,

like when you lightly touch

a low pine branch

being the rain just over.”

Ida Vitale

The necessary movement to a meaningful life

My professional life started as a social

psychologist. Relevant life events made me

experience the benefits of psychotherapy,

the process through which you become

involved in a relationship with another

person in a new way for you.


My personal life improved  and I realised I

only wanted to become a psychotherapist.


My professional practice is intertwined

with an always ongoing training. 

The human voice is a theme around which I

find meaning in my life. I go on studying it

and offering what I learn in the Voice and

movement sessions.


I work in Psychotherapy and in Voice &

movement sessions.


I offer face to face encounters and online.


In Spanish and English.