Learning environments

I studied Kristin Linklater method Freeing the

natural voice. Nowadays, I continue learning about

the human voice within Gestalt Therapy, specially,

in the framework of Developmental Somatic

Psychotherapy created by Ruella Frank.

“But this voice

– where from? – 

is back every morning

with its olive limb”

Esperanza Ortega

You are your story and your voice unveils it. In the Voice & movement

sessions we keep close to our voices in order to know them better. We feel

what they reveal and explore what they wisely have learnt to hide. We offer what

is neeeded for moving from your familiar voice to the voice you are.

Who would benefit from the Voice

& movement sessions?

. Who does not recognize himself in his or her own voice.

. Who is willing to explore new possibilities.

. Who is interested in learning how to care of her own voice.